• Keep your prints away from direct sunlight
and protect them from UV light, pollutants and physical damage. You can do this by either framing your print or keeping it in plastic sleeves. This will ensure that you maximize the life of your print without fading


• Do not keep your prints in extreme temperatures or humidity.


• Do not allow your print to become wet.


• Avoid contact with cardboard,
rough paper and other rough materials. They can contaminate the print and scratch the surface. Use soft materials such as plastic sleeves where possible.


• Avoid touching the printed surface with your fingers
or with sharp tips. Fingers have natural oil on them and can damage the print. Handle your PERSONA on paper with clean hands as you might leave fingerprints and soil the surface of your artwork. Wear non-scratching cotton gloves
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• For prints that curl, place the print on a flat, clean surface
away from direct sunlight and leave an acid-free paper over the print. Place a book or another heavy object on the edges of the print. The print should become flat after a few hours.