Kristi Kongi (b.1985) lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. She studied painting at Tartu Art College, in FInland and completed her master’s degree in painting at the Estonian Academy of Arts (graduated 2011). She has been awarded the Young Artist Prize (2011), Sadolin Art Prize (2013), Konrad Mägi Prize (2017) and in 2016 was nominated for the Köler Prize. Kristi Kongi is an associate professor in the painting department at the Estonian Academy of Arts, since 2017. Her recent exhibitions from the 2020-2021 has been "Shimmering star Magenta. Was it a dream or was it real?" in Kogo Gallery, Estonia. Savvala/Savage, in Latvia, curated by Andris Eglitis and Eliza Ramza. “Frenetic standstill” curators Ilaria Bonacossa ja Valerio Del Baglivo, GAM, Palazzo Madama, Torino, Italy. She curated a group show "Let me dream once more" in Narva Museum Art Gallery.

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<<Color, light, shadow, Magenta>>