Jorge Rosano Gamboa (Mexico, 1984) is a visual artist who lives and works in Mexico City. He graduated from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving La Esmeralda (2011). He completed his Master's in Art Criticism and Production at SOMA. His solo exhibitions include Ominüs, 1919 Gallery, Berlin (2016), LANDLORDS, Filet Gallery, London (2018) and Pentimento, Galería Breve, Mexico City (2017). Among his collective exhibitions are Our Neighborhood, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin (2016), Dark Cartographies, Efrain Lopez Gallery, Chicago (2016) and Souvenir, Casa Wabi, Oaxaca (2021). He has participated in international and Mexican art fairs and residences in Mexico, Germany and USA. Participated in art fairs in different countries and was selected for the Biennale of Photography in Mexico two times.


From an aesthetic of photography and moving towards the action of painting and drawing, his work focuses on compositions that seek to rethink the relationship between the moment and its representation: the methods of registration and, above all, the lost moment trapped in the form of image. His work creates landscapes where the absence becomes visible, because it is composed of images that seem unfinished because they are only traces of memories. His work is no more than a specter where the spectacle of absence is contemplated.

In 4 words, describe your PERSONA:
<<I am another you>>


I like still and moving images, to read magic realism, to walk with my dog and to imagine the future and past of the universe