Jimena Montemayor (b.1990) is a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer working in the fields of contemporary art and design. Her most recent works have taken shape in various materials and dimensions, from digital formats to tridimensional and sculptural pieces.

Montemayor's work focuses on the tensions and mind-games in personal experiences and in our constantly evolving communication outlets. From this process she is keen on exploring a visual translation, using straight and puzzled lines, sharp and irregular angles, as well as amorphous and digitalized structures contributing to an evolving and responsive dialogue. By doing so, she explores an intertwined relationship of graphic aesthetics and perspectives which have merged into her personal ways of manipulating content and visual storytelling.

In 4 words, describe your PERSONA:

Curious, dreamer, picky, indecisive


Discovering new music, going to vintage markets, visiting museums, dancing with my friends, horoscopes, french fries, ceramics, skateboarding, sun bathing, dogs, traveling, tacos, laughing