Jerónimo Reyes-Retana (b. 1984, Mexico City) is an interdisciplinary artist working with computer-based media in dialogue with materiality to address the mutualist character of neoliberal expansionism and the integration of the technosphere. His practice is informed by futurist and post-anthropocentric imaginaries exploring the limits of globalization through immersive atmospheres. In his work, the amalgamation of sound, image and sculpture unsettle and exceed arenas of visibility by relating the viewer to the unseen, the non-represented, or the not-yet-apparent. 

Jeronimo’s body of work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions at Museo Tamayo (Mexico City, MX), OMR Gallery (Mexico City, MX), Co-Lab Projects (Austin, US), Paul Kasmin (New York City, US), Masa (Mexico City, MX), Big Medium (Austin, TX), and forthcoming solo shows at Fundación Casa Wabi (Mexico City, MX), Museo de la Ciudad (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico), and The Visual Art Centre (Clarington, CA). Jerónimo has been a participant in Casa Wabi Residency (Oaxaca, MX). He lives and works in Mexico City.

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