Born in La Paz, Baja California Sur, in northern Mexico in 1981. Graduated with honors from the University of Guadalajara for a degree in graphic design. One of the most restless creative minds in Mexico. He does the same wardrobe design as he does art direction, fashion styling, illustration or photography, the latter area has been developed above all from having assumed the position of creative director of the Mexican version of L'Officiel magazine since its launch ago. six years and even a couple ago he left office. It has a book published in Buenos Aires and several group exhibitions. He recently published a fanzine dedicated to the exploration of the male body from the intimacy of snapshots, in which he brings together 24 images selected from a few hundred of them that he has been taking for more than ten years. This project was presented with individual exhibitions in Guadalajara and Mexico City, where he's based.

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