Michele Lorusso (Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, 1994) is a visual artist, who lives and works in Mexico City. Lorusso, with the abstraction of his pieces, speaks of the poetic action by stimulating conceptual contemplation and self-reflection. His work fuses poetry, photography, installation, sculpture, video, performance, painting, among other means, to understand the environment in which the artist is positioned, and from there explore more interactively with the spatial an social environment and its contexts. Recognizing himself as a multifaceted and sensitive human being, Lorusso produces in his work an extension of his thought to manifest all his cognitive and sensitive problematics. Lorusso's work is a dialogue between light and object, the typologies of space and self-perception through the reflection of light and darkness. His tendency towards a constant exploration of darkness and light reveals the artist's experimentation with filmic processes and his ever-evolving investigation of material malleability and the chemicals used to produce analogue images. His approach is unconventional to that of a traditional craft as he builds imperfect and strange sculptures. but synchronously precise and elegant, taking the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional; not far from how a poet uses language to build an emotional and tangible space through words on paper.

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