Alejandra García y Gutiérrez is a visual artist who lives in Guadalajara. Her work plays with geometric shapes and vibrant colors that transport you to surreal universes. She is currently exploring other disciplines such as painting and sculpture. Her work has appeared in publications such as Wrap Magazine, AD México, Vogue México, and Elle México, among others. She has collaborated with brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Tequila 1800, Palacio de Hierro, Benetton and Tarta Gelatina.


Alejandra creates geometric pieces of brilliant beauty. Her work is inspired by the harmony of the environment, and she seeks to create balance through geometry, color and contrast.

In the piece that I present for PERSONA, I am interested in questioning the existing stereotypes around the woman's body. The central part of this piece presents the naked torso of a woman who does not match current beauty standards. When we talked about the project and the curatorial line it would have, I became aware that I always illustrated bodies that entered hegemonic beauty standards and I made the conscious decision to make this body more real. When I uploaded the piece to social networks, there were several people who asked me if it was referring to a pregnant woman. Hence another reflection: people try to accommodate the images they consume into concepts that make sense of existing values. In this case, the first reason for not meeting beauty standards is because you are fulfilling a social role that continues to be imposed on many women: that of being a mother.

In 4 words, describe your PERSONA:
<<Balance, Vibrant,  Relaxed,  Agile>>


Analog photography, Styling and Fashion, Concerts, Cinema